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PlatonicFriendModerator Platonicfriendmoderator says: Hi friends, thanks for checking out our site! Please send us any constructive feedback and ideas that you would like to see on PlatonicFriend. You can reply to this post or start new Discussions in the Suggestion Box category.
By Platonicfriendmoderator 6/26/2016 2 Replies Reply

By Easybreezypawel 6/29/2016 1 Reply
EasyBreezyPawel Easybreezypawel says: I would like to see a feature that allows me to post my favorite activity and see if anyone wants to join in. Lets say I'm planning to ride my bike down central to Spoke & Wheel next Saturday and I would like anyone to join in. Thanks
By Easybreezypawel 6/29/2016 1 Reply Reply
PlatonicFriendModerator Platonicfriendmoderator says: Thanks for this post, this idea has crossed our mind before and we would like to incorporate something like this in the future. We are thinking about calling it something like "My Activities". You will be able to create an activity and the dates you plan to do it, then members can ask to join. You will also be able to setup notifications so if any activities in your area are added, you can be notified.
By Platonicfriendmoderator 7/18/2016
By Catalie 8/18/2018
catalie Catalie says: When I tried to sign up with Facebook, the email box was greyed out but it didn't let me sign up without entering one.
By Catalie 8/18/2018 Reply