New Features Released : No blurred photos, Restrict who can contact you, Public profile option, Report users...

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PlatonicFriendModerator Platonicfriendmoderator says: 1. No more blurred photos: You can browse member profiles before contacting them. We now require a profile photo on sign up and encourage you to upload a profile photo if you have not yet.

2. Restrict who can contact you: Select (Men, Women, Everyone) that are allowed to message you; this way you don't get unwanted messages and don't get in trouble with your significant other on your platonic friend search.

3. Public profile option: New choice to make you profile public to allow non-members to see your profile basics, which helps us spread the word in your area and increases the chance of people contacting you (after they sign up ofcourse).

4. Report Users: You can now report a user that sends you a message that is offensive or romantic in nature. This blocks them from your account automatically and we will review their violations.

5. Browse user with images: We added a new filter to the browse page that allows you to only view profiles with photos.

Thanks for your support, more enhancements and platonic friends to come!
By Platonicfriendmoderator 9/24/2016 Reply