Five Ways You Lose Your Friends in Your 30s

PlatonicFriendModerator Platonicfriendmoderator says: Here's an article we thought had some interesting insight into the dilemmas of friendships in your thirties.

writer of the above article affirmed: "Without a doubt, no matter how much I crave new friendships, I will die a miserable bastard stuck in a self-fulfilling prophecy" - Christine Estima
There's no question that it gets harder to make friends as we get older but a big part of that is due to our progress and self reliance; we just don't need friends in the same way we did when we were younger, especially if we are in a committed romantic relationship.

No disrespect the writer but try to affirm something positive. "I want to find a new friend and I'm going to take my time deciding what kind of friend I want and make an effort to seek them out." Check out some meetups, give a try, send a few people messages, be intentional, go after what you want and stick with it. If you are scared of rejection or nervous then try forcing yourself, grow, take pride in taking steps to overcome obstacles holding you back from anything that can bring you happiness.

I think i just inspired myself to give this a try :)

This seems to make many people give up on finding new friends until they loose the skills

We need to change the way we approach new friendships and be prepared to invest the time and energy needed to initiate and grow them.

Finding new friends for the over-30s may never be as easy as it is for two teens sitting next to each other in their favorite class everyday, but it can certainly

We are social creatures and friends can certainly add to our overall happiness and growth.

It comes down to deciding to make a connection with another human and putting in the effort to initiate and sustain it.

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